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Unlocking new possibilities for healthcare engagement and experience in Canada.

HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions has a rich history with more than 50 years experience in the Canadian healthcare industry. Today, we’re shaping the future of digital patient engagement.

Our Story

HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions traces its roots back to 1967, when the company began developing and implementing its well-known patient entertainment system in hospitals and healthcare facilities across Canada. The system grew to serve more than 33,000 beds in over 200 hospitals across the country, making it an industry leader.

Today, we offer much more than hospital entertainment. However, our legacy business has given us a deep understanding of the Canadian healthcare system and primed us to expand our platform – making us the company we are today.

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Our Expertise

HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions IBT

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re Canada's leading supplier of digital healthcare engagement solutions. To date, we've successfully installed more than 7,000 integrated bedside terminals (IBTs).
  • With more experience than any other IBT company in Canada, we’re a confident and trusted partner. Hospitals rely on us to provide innovative technology, while minimizing risks.
  • Caring and consultative, we're driven by our passion to help deliver the best care and experience possible through digital engagement technology.

What Drives Us

Supporting Patients

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We’re here to empower patients to shape their healthcare journey by building knowledge, skills and confidence through patient engagement. Engaged patients make better decisions about their care.

Supporting Clinicians

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We're proud healthtech advocates, partnering with Canadian healthcare leaders. By supporting clinicians through digital innovation, we're helping to shape a new era of connected care and patient experience.


Our team is united by a vision to help clinicians deliver superior care and to create better outcomes for patients.


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