HealthHub Expands Leadership Team with Four Directors Committed to Putting Patients First

January 24, 2020 – Over the last three months, HealthHub has welcomed four new Directors to help lead key areas of its business.

Not only do these new Directors offer additional strength to the company’s already notable leadership team, their hiring signals HealthHub’s commitment to accelerated growth.

Our new Directors are:

  • Jason Percy, Executive Director of Business Development & Marketing
  • Carlos Perez, Director of Experience Design
  • Greg MacGirr, Director of Legacy Business
  • Babak Dardashti, Director of Next Gen Leadership Program & Senior Director of IT

Let’s meet each person.

Jason Percy
Executive Director of Business Development & Marketing

Jason brings over 15 years of marketing and strategy experience to HealthHub’s leadership team. With unique expertise in the healthcare sector, he was previously the VP of Marketing for one of Canada’s largest providers of community healthcare and, before that, the Healthcare Sector Lead at a leading brand loyalty and marketing agency.

“What attracted me to HealthHub,” says Jason, “was the combined opportunity to help make a meaningful difference for Canadian patients and the chance to grow the company alongside an experienced executive team. HealthHub is an exciting place to be because it embodies the ethos of a startup, while also having valuable history in Canadian healthcare.”

At HealthHub, Jason is responsible for designing and executing a business development and marketing strategy – one that he believes should be driven by data and analytics. “As a company with a long history, HealthHub has a wealth of data available to help us put patients at the center of what we do. What drives me is knowing that by leveraging the right data, and acting on it, HealthHub can help shape the future of patient experience. As the doors open wider for digital health technology, we have a unique opportunity to help transform our healthcare system.”

Carlos Perez
Director of Experience Design

Located in HealthHub’s Innovation Centre in Waterloo, Carlos joined the company in September 2019. As a human-centric designer, Carlos was brought onboard to help HealthHub harness design thinking to build effective solutions that address real problems.

Having had worked for several startups, as well as large corporations like BlackBerry, Carlos was attracted to HealthHub because of the balance it offers. “HealthHub brings together the best of both worlds. We are nimble and innovative like a startup, but we have the accountability of a larger corporation,” says Carlos, adding, “I’ve worked for many companies, but none have directly touched peoples’ lives the way we do at HealthHub.”

Carlos is most excited about the value HealthHub’s platform brings to patients in Canadian hospitals, saying, “At HealthHub, there is a genuine concern to put the patient at the heart of everything we do. Our job is to truly understand what patients want and need, and to be the voice of the empty chair at the table – because it’s time to amplify the voice of the patient in the design process.”

Greg MacGirr
Director of Legacy Business

Greg joined HealthHub in October 2019 to provide leadership to the company’s legacy business, which was centered around providing bedside television service in hospitals. Prior to joining HealthHub, Greg worked for many years in the telecom industry where he managed direct-to-consumer sales and call centre teams – making him well suited for this role.

“Coming from the telecom world, I understand well the unique power of media to provide entertainment, education, connectedness and community. What attracted me to HealthHub was the opportunity to better serve patients in Canadian hospitals by providing them with entertainment and engagement tools that help improve their experience,” states Greg.

Greg says his first task will be to improve HealthHub’s customer service delivery model. “We know we can improve on the customer service we provide to patients and their families in hospitals across Canada. My first priority is to re-energize HealthHub’s service component to deliver a positive customer experience. As a business, we have a responsibility to provide great service to our customers and to put patients at the center of what we do – and that’s what our team and I have already started working on.”

Babak Dardashti
Director of Next Gen Leadership Program & Senior Director of IT

Babak joined HealthHub in September 2019. Prior to joining the company, he worked for several large corporations, including Bell and RBC, where he built high-functioning teams and effective customer experience strategies.

At HealthHub, Babak is primarily responsible for developing a Next Gen Leadership Program, which will bring high-potential recent graduates into the company and enable them to circulate through various roles over several years – developing them for leadership positions.

“The Next Gen Leadership Program is exciting for HealthHub because it introduces new people, new perspectives and a fresh lens. It will encourage us to question the way we’ve done our work, and help uncover inefficiencies,” says Babak. “I think we’ll see some exciting, innovative ideas coming out of this program – and that aligns perfectly with HealthHub’s vision to help shape the future of patient experience in Canada.” Additionally, Babak will also be focusing on strengthening HealthHub’s IT team and re-designing how the company provides technical support to its customers.


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