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HealthHub Rolls Out List of Resources to Help Hospital Patients Manage in Isolation

April 20, 2020 – Last week, HealthHub added a list of patient resources to its website that patients can access directly at their bedside through myHealthHub or their own device.

This list of resources features online activities, brain games and virtual experiences for both adults and children.

HealthHub introduced this feature in response to COVID-19 isolation and physical distancing measures, which are leaving many hospital patients facing heightened feelings of loneliness, boredom and fear.

“For many patients, the hospital has become a lonely place. With visitors restricted and physical distancing measures in effect, we wanted to do something quickly that would help hospital patients pass the time and stay engaged,” said HealthHub’s Chief Customer Officer, Paul Hemburrow. “Right now, we’re focused on responding to emerging and evolving challenges that are putting additional pressure on both hospital patients and healthcare workers.”

Over the coming weeks, HealthHub will be rolling out several more apps and features to continue to respond to the needs of patients, their families and healthcare providers during this difficult time.


To access the list, visit Patient Resources.

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