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HealthHub Solutions Partners with Smooth Commerce to Launch a Hospital Bedside E-Commerce and Delivery Service

April 8, 2021 – Toronto ON

HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions (HealthHub), a leader in digital health technology, today announced a partnership with Smooth Commerce that will provide patients admitted to Canadian hospitals with access to bedside food and product delivery.

The partnership will drive the deployment of an easy-to-use solution that enables hospital patients to order food and select products from hospital retailers from their bedside. Following the integration of HealthHub’s digital patient engagement platform (myHealthHub) and the Smooth Commerce digital commerce and engagement platform for the foodservice industry, hospital patients will be able to place an order from a menu or product list, process payment, and track the order in real-time. The scope of the deployment is anticipated to be nationwide since myHealthHub platform is used across Canada by patients.

The first pilot hospital to offer the service to its patients will be announced in late Spring. Other hospitals across Canada that are using myHealthHub will have access to this service beginning in the summer of 2021.

“We’re constantly evolving myHealthHub to become Hospital patient’s go-to device. Not only do we want a patient to feel empowered to manage their healthcare treatment plan, but we also want to keep them connected to the outside world,” said Larry MacGirr, CEO of HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions. “Our partnership with Smooth Commerce will provide a food and product order and delivery service to patients that is similar to what they currently use outside of hospital.”

The myHealthHub digital patient engagement platform is built for healthcare in Canada. It empowers patients to actively participate in and manage their own healthcare plan, thus helping clinicians focus on providing care. HealthHub’s continued expansion of its suite of patient engagement features are designed to enhance the healthcare system and the lives of Canadians. The company’s partnership with Smooth Commerce is another positive step in this direction.

“The Smooth Commerce platform is used by restaurants to provide an exceptional experience to customers when placing digital orders for pickup or delivery,” said Brian Deck, CEO of Smooth Commerce. “Our integration with myHealthHub extends our solution to hospital patients, providing them with convenient access to food and products from a hospital’s local businesses. We are pleased to provide patients and their loved ones with some added comfort during their time in the hospital.”

About Smooth Commerce
The Smooth Commerce platform powers white-label mobile app and web ordering solutions that combine ordering, payment, delivery, loyalty, engagement, and analytics. Restaurants, fuel retailers, sports teams, and attractions leverage this comprehensive solution to provide a convenient digital customer experience. The platform’s powerful business tools provide valuable customer insights, improve engagement and operational efficiencies, and drive sales and profitability. For more information, visit

About HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions help Canadian hospitals engage their patients and transform their experience through our digital bedside patient engagement platform. We’re proud healthtech advocates, partnering with Canadian healthcare leaders, empowering patients to play an active role in their care and providing clinicians with real-time access to information. We’re driven by our passion to help deliver the best care and experience possible. To engage with us, please visit

Refund Policy

Rental orders with HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions are refundable within the following guidelines:

  • Days that have been paid for (paid days1 ), but cannot be used due to a service interruption3 caused by a qualified technical issue4 may be refunded at the daily rate.

  • A day is considered used 2 hours after rental start time. Rental start time is defined by the rental order.

  • Any free days2 of rental included in a multi-day rental package cannot be exchanged for money or transferred to another patient.

  • If a refund is processed before all paid days are used, any free days are forfeited.

  • Refunds are processed from the time they are requested, and will not be backdated.

  • Once a service interruption is reported, paid days will be either refunded or added to the rental period (the choice is up to the patient). Free days will be added to the rental period, and cannot be refunded or exchanged for money.


1 Paid days = Days of service paid for with your chosen service package. All paid days must be used before the free days in a package begin. There is 1 paid day in the daily package, 5 paid days in the weekly package and 15 paid days in the monthly package. (Please note: some sites may have different rental packages).

2 Free days = Days of service that were gifted to you by HealthHub with your chosen service package. The weekly package includes 2 free days (5 paid days, 2 free days) the monthly includes 15 free days (15 paid days, 15 free days). (Please note: some sites may have different rental packages).

3 Service interruption = Service use disrupted due to a qualified technical issue, or due to being moved to a new room with a missing or damaged HealthHub terminal. (Please note: this policy applies to service delivery problems for which HealthHub is responsible; it does not apply to those for which the hospital is responsible).

4 Qualified technical issue = A technical problem that impacts service delivery or enjoyment of services on your device.