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How We Work

Collaborating for better health outcomes.

Partnering with Canadian healthcare leaders, we provide scalable solutions and implementation support tailored to your needs.

Choose a Scalable Solution that Meets Your Needs

Connected Patient Solution

Healthcare worker sitting beside a patient's bed reading from a clipboard

Entertain, inform and keep patients connected for a better healthcare experience.

Includes features like multimedia entertainment, online connectivity, hospital information and much more.

Engaged Patient Solution

Hospital desk staff and healthcare providers communicating

Give patients and clinicians access to powerful apps that engage and connect them.

Includes features like patient whiteboard, clinical dashboard, requests, meal ordering integration and much more.

Transformed Patient Solution

Female patient sitting in a hospital bed with a tray of breakfast

Fully integrate patients, clinicians and systems to provide a superior experience.

Includes features like bed and patient flow management, bedside charting, patient discharge support and much more.

Position Your Hospital for Success

  • Project Planning and Implementation Support. Enjoy a seamless deployment with support customized to your needs.
  • IT Support. Get help from our IT team to integrate, deploy and optimize myHealthHub.
  • Onsite Support. Rely on ongoing technical and promotional assistance from a dedicated Patient Ambassador.
  • Equipment Financing. Take advantage of our unique financing options, including operational leasing.
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Benefit from a Better
Approach to Deployment

Our approach to deployment has been developed over several decades. We understand Canadian hospitals.

Ensure alignment of vision and goals through a collaborative workshop and in-person sessions.

Define outcomes and success measures through the development of a partnership framework.

Provide ongoing change management support through an onsite Patient Ambassador.

Trusted by Canadian Hospitals

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HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions

Refund Policy

Rental orders with HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions are refundable within the following guidelines:

  • Days that have been paid for (paid days1 ), but cannot be used due to a service interruption3 caused by a qualified technical issue4 may be refunded at the daily rate.

  • A day is considered used 2 hours after rental start time. Rental start time is defined by the rental order.

  • Any free days2 of rental included in a multi-day rental package cannot be exchanged for money or transferred to another patient.

  • If a refund is processed before all paid days are used, any free days are forfeited.

  • Refunds are processed from the time they are requested, and will not be backdated.

  • Once a service interruption is reported, paid days will be either refunded or added to the rental period (the choice is up to the patient). Free days will be added to the rental period, and cannot be refunded or exchanged for money.


1 Paid days = Days of service paid for with your chosen service package. All paid days must be used before the free days in a package begin. There is 1 paid day in the daily package, 5 paid days in the weekly package and 15 paid days in the monthly package. (Please note: some sites may have different rental packages).

2 Free days = Days of service that were gifted to you by HealthHub with your chosen service package. The weekly package includes 2 free days (5 paid days, 2 free days) the monthly includes 15 free days (15 paid days, 15 free days). (Please note: some sites may have different rental packages).

3 Service interruption = Service use disrupted due to a qualified technical issue, or due to being moved to a new room with a missing or damaged HealthHub terminal. (Please note: this policy applies to service delivery problems for which HealthHub is responsible; it does not apply to those for which the hospital is responsible).

4 Qualified technical issue = A technical problem that impacts service delivery or enjoyment of services on your device.
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