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Rental Refund Request Form

HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions is committed to customer service and transparency. Please provide as much information as possible in the form below and allow 15 days for refund processing.

Refund Policy

  • Entertainment Rentals [platforms or devices] with HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions are refundable within the following guidelines:
    • Unused paid days of rental are refundable upon request.
    • Unused paid days are refunded at the daily rate.
    • A day is considered used after 2 hours of rental.
    • Any “free days” of rental, added to a multi-day rental package, cannot be refunded or transferred.
    • If a refund is processed prior to all paid days being used, any “free days of rental” are forfeited.
    • Refunds are processed from the time they are requested, and will not be backdated.
    • Any days where rental is unavailable due to a technical issue will be added to end of the ongoing rental period.

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