Why HealthHub?

Meeting Today’s Challenges. Transforming Lives.

Today’s healthcare landscape is incredibly complex. While coordinated healthcare is critical, it can be difficult to attain. As patients move between hospitals and the community, care is provided by multiple organizations and providers, each of whom, may be using a different technology system.

HealthHub is the solution, with one set of applications for healthcare providers and another for patients and their caregivers – each application working on virtually any device.  Everything is coupled so that patients and healthcare providers can easily share information, coordinate care and enjoy seamless interaction between the various modules accessible through the HealthHub portal. HealthHub lets patients and/or their families actively participate in their healthcare experience during their hospital stay. They can interact with staff and healthcare workers and have their needs addressed by using various modules that let them request food items, deal with room issues, handle their discharge, make doctor and nurse requests and more. Equally important, the platform empowers healthcare workers to provide patients with improved care, efficiency and service.

A Solution That’s Secure And Adaptable For The Future

HealthHub is a scalable, cost effective platform that is 100% secure and compliant with privacy laws. The platform features an engine that makes it easy to interface with clinical systems used by hospital and community care providers to access all relevant hospital and healthcare information.

HealthHub can easily integrate with third party applications when required, ensuring that we are always providing patients and their healthcare providers with the best applications available. It will include built-in AI and machine learning generated analytics that can produce data that is far more comprehensive than what hospitals are relying on right now.

And we are committed to ongoing development and upgrades.