Creating “Engagement-Capable Environments” in Healthcare

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Creating “Engagement-Capable Environments” in Healthcare

Carol Fancott, Christine Maika, G. Ross Baker, Maria Judd

Patient Engagement – Catalyzing Improvement and Innovation in Healthcare December 2016 : 11-34

Creating “Engagement-Capable Environments” in Healthcare
G. Ross Baker, Maria Judd, Carol Fancott and Christine Maika

Chapter 1 | Case Study
McGill University Health Centre
Patricia O’Connor, Alain Biron, Brenda MacGibbon and Carol Fancott

Chapter 2 | Case Study
Kingston General Hospital
Maria Judd, Eleanor Rivoire and Christine Maika

Chapter 3 | Case Study
Augusta University Health System
Anu MacIntosh-Murray and Carol Fancott

Chapter 4 | Case Study
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Maria Judd, Anu MacIntosh-Murray and G. Ross Baker

Chapter 5 | Case Study
Whittington Health Respiratory Service
Jocelyn Cornwell, Louise Restrick and G. Ross Baker

Chapter 6 | Case Study
Northumbria Healthcare Trust
Jocelyn Cornwell, Annie Laverty, Jean-Louis Denis and G. Ross Baker

Chapter 7 | Case Study
Patients as Partners
Christine Maika, Caryl Harper and Maria Judd

Chapter 8 | Case Study
Northumberland Community Partnership
Carol Fancott

Chapter 9 | Case Study
Collaborative Chronic Care Network (C3N)
Elina Farmanova, Maria Judd, Peter Margolis, Justin Vandergrift and Michael Seid

Chapter 10 | Case Study
Saskatchewan Health Quality Council and Saskatoon Health Region
Carol Fancott, Malori Keller and G. Ross Baker

Patient Partnerships: Three Levels of Change
Vincent Dumez

Improving Care with Those We Are Privileged to Serve: Not If but When and How
Jim Conway

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